Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Tikes Young Explorer Learning Computer

You surely want to buy a Little Tikes Young Explorer Computer system brought to you by Little Tikes, maker of Little Tike Playhouse and IBM. This is one of great investment for daycare centers and at home. It will surely help you also to assist your kids if they are homeschooling.
If you have 4-year old students up, they will definitely love learning with this amazing product. It has super interactive software brought by IBM. Little tikes toys are best in this kind of products.

Little Tikes Young Explorer computer system is preloaded with great software that will surely be enjoy by your kids. It has themes like Millie’s Math House, Sammy’s Science House, Bailey’s Book House, Trudy’s Time and Place and Thinkin’ Things.
Little Tikes Young Explorer is scientifically designed for 3 years old to 7 years old. There is a lock door for the cabinet with bench that opens for storage. Don’t worry about the wiring because it is stored safely within a ventilated cabinet.

Here’s the Specs of Little Tikes Young Explorer Learning Computer

IBM® and Little Tikes are proud to offer a brand new, upgraded, computer system just for children.
• The Young Explorer™ Learning Computer is a "must-have" for any childcare provider.
• With the technology age in full force, we think it is essential that children at the earliest ages gain a comfort level with computers.
• This amazing learning center is loaded with all the information that children crave - sized and digitized to match their growing minds and skill levels.
• This technological marvel has many benefits for children, including enhanced critical and cognitive thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking.
• Having child-appropriate computers and software in your facility demonstrates to parents that you understand the importance of technology in their child's growth.
• This thoughtfully-designed learning environment is a hallmark way to set you apart from other childcare facilities.

The Furniture features include:
- Flat desk area
- Left and right built-in mousepads
- Bench seat that fits two children and offers storage inside for supplies!
- Two locking cabinet doors so the computer wiring can be stored safely inside the ventilated cabinet.
- Locking castors keep the unit from rolling during use.

The computer equipment features:

- IBM® Think Centre PC

- Internal DVD-ROM
- 19" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor

- 256mb RAM (minimum)

- 40 GB hard drive (minimum)

- 10/100 Ethernet

- Microsoft® XP Professional

- Sound Card and 2 External Speakers

- Surge protector

- Custom Little Tikes Learning keyboard and Tiny Mouse

- IBM Computer Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

- Pre-loaded educational software includes: Millie's Math House®, Sammy's Science House®, Bailey's Book House®, Trudy's Time and Place®, Thinkin' Things®
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Tikes Endless Adventure Play Center Playground Is The Favorite

This is a superb product of Little Tikes toys. You limitation is your imagination but for kids, it’s endless adventure brought by Little tikes. This is the Little Tikes Endless Adventure Play Center Playground. Full fun and delight for hours, just play, play and more play. The Little Tikes Endless Adventure Play Center Playground is free from a splinter that is no rocket science to assemble. The free splinter make the assembly in no time than common wood products. The play ground is masterfully scaled for children with the height of four foot platform. Enclosed with a multiple station swing and will give joyful experience with its two person gliders for your kids and their friends. Definitely, the children will not only enjoy the play but develop good relationships with other kids. That’s the main goal of the Little Tikes Endless Adventure Play Center Playground.

It got this toy storage area that triples the fun for water activities during warm weather. Just add the excitement with lidded sandbox and an obstacle course like climbing net. Little Tikes added this to give challenges to children where they will develop physical fitness and positive attitude as well in facing difficulties. Goal setting is developed as they have to overcome the climbing net and a reward of joy and satisfaction will experience in an extra long and wavy slide! Watch your kids’ joyful faces as they glide waving their hands as if they scream, “I made it!” Be ready to watch your kids visit your backyard from your neighborhood.

* Four-foot-high platform with enclosed fort

* Multiple-station swing with two swings and a two-person glider

* Built-in sandbox with lid to keep out weather and debris

* Toy storage area does double-duty for water play when the weather warms up

* Challenging climbing net and an extra long wavy slide

* Splinter-free

* Measures (inches): 168 long x 111 wide x 104.4 high

* Weight: 358.00 lbs.

* Ages 3 to 10 years

* Ships in 3 packages

* Restocking Fee of 20% on returns, not defective or damaged

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